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May 10, 2010


Two big shifts (and one big problem)

How can learning be different?

Technology-mediated learning and assessment

  1. Learning climate assessment results
  2. Check out the Quest to Learn School
    1. A school built around video games
    2. Video overview
    3. Text overview
    4. See curriculum samples (Spartan Spy, Invisible Pathways, Writers of the Digital Roundtable (start at p. 11), etc.)
  3. Check out Conspiracy Code
    1. Read the overview
    2. See the syllabus
    3. Video overview
    4. Learn more (particularly the product overview)
  4. Students can make their own games / challenges
    1. Sploder Game Creator
    2. Scratch
      1. Getting Started Guide
      2. Scratch for Educators
      3. Download Scratch
    3. Microsoft Kodu (see also video overview)
    4. Alice
    5. StarLogo TNG
    6. XNA Creators Club
    7. Lego MindStorms
      1. Components
      2. NXTLog
    8. 2DIY (see also this script archive)
    9. Wikipedia – Video game level design
    10. YouTube – Make own levels
    11. Getting started with videogame development
  5. Books on gaming and simulation (coming soon)

Technology-mediated assessment

  1. College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA)
    1. Overview
    2. Sample report
    3. Teaching to a test worth teaching to in college and high school
    4. Assessing critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and writing in high school
  2. ETS Criterion essay grading software
  3. ETS iCritical Thinking certification (also see video overview)
  4. The School of One
  5. Ed Sector – Beyond the Bubble: Technology and the future of student assessment
  6. The Kappan – Assessment around the world
  7. Book – The Flat World and Education

Every educator should have a listening station



Recommended reading

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