This page contains resources from my work with The Principals’ Partnership. These materials are made available under a Creative Commons 3.0 attribution-share alike license, which means that you are both allowed and encouraged to use them! Please contact me if you have any other questions about these resources.

November 17, 2010


  1. Initial thoughts
    1. What business are you in? Who are your customers? What do they want/need?
    2. No longer an information push-out world
      1. Everyone now has a voice
      2. Way too many incoming info streams
      3. Everyone’s a marketer in the attention economy
      4. Broadcasting doesn’t work – no monopoly of channels / choices
      5. Advertising (interruption marketing) doesn’t work
    3. No one cares about you
    1. Everything is moving to the Web
    2. If you’re invisible, you’re irrelevant
    3. Search engines v. word of mouth (become a trusted voice)
    4. Be subscribable
    5. 4 key tools: your blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
    1. People want you to help them, not sell to them
      1. How can you become the just-in-time resource for things they need?
      2. How can you help them find things they didn’t know they needed?
      3. Gimmicks v. utility (Blendtec, Wine Library TV); what about these?
    2. Customers want to get and give value (so foster interactivity because they expect it)
      1. Useful information
      2. Personalized / individualized
      3. Connections / relationships
      4. Harness ideas, leverage knowledge
    3. Interactivity = comments, polls, surveys, ratings, reviews, crowdsourcing
    4. Be sticky
    5. Can’t find it? See ya! Remove cost / time barriers (e.g., fees, members-only areas, passwords/logins, info requests)
    1. Are you remarkable?
    2. 3 key tools: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail
    3. Casual customers v. true fans / evangelists
    4. Give megaphones to your true fans / evangelists
    5. Convert over time – more unique visitors, more time on site, more true fans
    6. Too hard to share? See ya! Remove copyright / intellectual property barriers (release as much as possible with a Creative Commons license)
  5. Closing thoughts
    1. You have to put in the time to build / maintain the relationship(s)
    2. Automate whenever possible (e.g., e-mail notification of comments, TwitterFeed)
    3. Feedback improves product but how are you going to handle negativity?
      1. The more you control, the less you’ll be trusted
      2. It’s their community, not yours – customers control the conversation
    4. Helpful content and authentic voice win in the long run
    5. Distribute the load
    6. Be patient

Tools to consider

  1. Photos: Flickr (including tags), VoiceThread, Animoto
  2. Audio podcasts: BlogTalkRadio
  3. Slideshows: SlideShare
  4. Videos: uStream, Vimeo
  5. Conference backchannel: CoverItLive, Twitter hashtags
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Create own social network: Ning

Monitoring tools

  1. Google Alerts
  2. Twitter search
  3. Google Analytics
  5. Feedburner
  6. Google Reader
  7. HootSuite
  8. PostRank
  9. Technorati
  10. Compete
  11. Alexa
  12. Google keyword tool

Start thinking mobile

  1. Mobile devices are increasingly dominating how we access the Web
  2. Are you set up for iPads? iPhone, Andrsoid, and other smartphones?
  3. Augmented reality is growing fast
  4. Location-based services are growing fast
  5. Should you create your own mobile phone app? (see also iSites)

E-mail marketing

  1. AWeber or Constant Contact
  2. Constant Contact guide to e-mail marketing


Social media videos

  1. Seth Godin on standing out
  2. Social media in plain English
  3. Social media revolution 2
  4. Social media ROI
  5. Social media marketing in 3 minutes
  6. The holy trinity of social media marketing
  7. Social media marketing done right at Boloco Burrito
  8. The value of influence
  9. Social media and SEO 2.0 explained
  10. What is social media?
  11. Social media revolution 2010
  12. Social media statistics and facts 2010

Blogs you should be reading

  1. Seth Godin
  2. Mashable
  3. Problogger
  4. Copyblogger
  5. Soshable
  6. Scott Monty
  7. Some more to consider
  8. Also check out these

Great books

  1. Meatball sundae
  2. Permission marketing
  3. Groundswell
  4. The new rules of marketing and PR
  5. The social media bible
  6. Social media marketing an hour a day
  7. The cluetrain manifesto
  8. What would Google do?
  9. Trust agents
  10. Twitterville

Other books to consider

  1. Word of mouth marketing
  2. Crush it!
  3. The whuffie factor
  4. The new community rules
  5. Twitter power
  6. Inbound marketing
  7. Six pixels of separation
  8. Putting the public back in public relations
  9. Marketing 2.0
  10. World wide rave
  11. Get seen: Online video secrets
  12. The new influencers
  13. Web analytics an hour a day
  14. Web analytics 2.0
  15. Landing page optimization
  16. Always be testing
  17. The social media marketing book