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February 15, 2010


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What will the future of libraries look like? 

How similar? 

  • People still interested in adult/children programming
  • A gathering place (we are more so than others)
  • Will always have an interest in books
  • Always face to face storytelling (free)
  • We will be constantly evolving
  • Will still be a place where people gain access – a community equalizer
  • Essential in a down economy
  • Training customers so they can adapt to new technologies, particularly those that are economically disadvantaged
  • Will continue to have more tech
  • Always a challenge to work to meet people’s demands
  • People will still want a human interaction
  • Will still be an education center
  • Will maintain the role of those that know and those that don’t / haves and don’t haves in the community
  • Will continue to be guided by customer service and what our Ames constituents want

How different?

  • Greater proportion of materials will be downloadable – offering more devices to download them onto – Kindles, etc.
  • Technology is more self-centric – will be more interactive with both devices and people – community-oriented
  • We will be globally-oriented and networked
  • Bigger virtual presence – Twitter, texting, etc. – how we communicate
  • More off-site services
  • More open times
  • More difficulty maintaining privacy of customers
  • Will be providing more tech to equalize digital divide
  • Will be sharing resources more with other libraries
  • Services may not rely on a building
  • Will be more automated – fewer librarians / staff
  • More flexibility within the building – furniture, collections, etc.
  • Better use of tech for checking in /out and inventory (RFID)
  • Staff will be better facilitators at bringing people together
  • Working with other agencies more closely to provide information beyond library walls
  • People will expect more personalized / individualized service
  • More eco-friendly
  • Providing programming through live streaming
  • We will be able to provide access to more info because more is online – e.g., print on demand